It’s been a while!

Hi all!

It has been a while, I know! Where have I been you ask, well..

it has been a busy few months that is for sure! Myself and my partner moved into a house last year, i started a new job, i got a car (finally) i got promoted, spent my time divided between London and back home to see family and friends, its been manic! Work has been good so far, busy though I must add. At least it resulted into a promotion though, meaning i can earn a little more to be able to do more of the things i love – such as my arts and crafts!

I have also been working out what i want to do with that part of my life, concentrate on that, make a business of it, as well as keeping my head in the game at work and being able to have a life too, which has not been easy. i also thought about a new website and really setting my self up on there, but i wouldn’t even know where to start, luckily my boyfriend is very good at that sort of thing! 🙂

Either way, for now i am just excited with what 2016 has to offer! The rest will just fall into place, i hope. I am currently looking at a book written by Lisa Jacobs, who happens to be the genius behind Etsy. So far, so good! It is a ‘Your best year’ workbook and planner, so i shall be cracking on with that this evening, whilst waiting for the Superbowl!

Anyway, I will be back, i have tomorrow off luckily (who likes Monday’s anyway) so shall be immersing myself in my art work i think, which i will pop on here to see what you all think!


Have a lovely evening all.


C x



Been getting all arty again!

Okay, so I have spent the afternoon completely immersed in my sketchbook and paints – it’s been too long!

One consisted of just pure painting and the other involved adding some textiles to a pen drawing – oh my how much fun I had reconnecting with my sketch book again! Just made me realise how much i miss doing it, but with work and the everyday routine of life, I do not always have the spare time in which I would like – which is the same for most of us!

Anyway, if you want to have a look, then here you go 🙂

Let me know what you think?

11813308_10153573777577704_7518233464077600803_n 11222579_10153573779542704_1850317316205838847_n

Right I had better go and clean up the mess that I have created in my living room.

Speak soon:) x

Oh Wowcher!

Hey guys, so I haven’t posted in a while, and that would be due to the craziness of a new job, moving out of the flat and moving into our new home! A lovely little countryside cottage where we overlook fields and fields of grass from our back garden. We have also gained some neighbours or pets as my partner says – cows! So, as you can imagine it has been a busy few months! I have finally settled into my new job, I am part of the beauty team at Wowcher – go on, say it i know that you want to! However, i am on annual leave for a well deserved break! And what better way to start it than with the sunshine and my new laptop to get posting again. Want to take a sneak peak at my new place? Then go ahead! …

garden3 garden garden2 park park2

It is finally getting there, adding bits here and there to make it our own.

I think that i shall go off and watch a film now, all snuggled in bed with a hot chocolate while i get another dose of my Blake Lively intake(too obsessed with that woman).

Goodnight people, speak tomorrow.


Getting all crafty!

Hey Guys,

So recently I took on a little project for myself. It was one of my best friend’s baby shower this weekend and I wanted to create something a little special for her. Something more personal and as I cannot be around her as much as I would like, I thought it would be more thoughtful to have a little something by me. I wanted to create a little keepsake box, she is expecting a baby girl within the next week or so! Needless to say, the colour of pink was the best option to go for! Anyway here are a few pics of the final piece:

cheryl 1 cheryl2 cheryl3 cheryl4

If you like this and want something similar made or have any questions, please send me a direct message –

C x

In Hiding – by Zoe R Codd

Sometimes I feel as if
You have something to say;
Like it is on the tip of your tongue…
But you push it away,
And swallow those words
That would create sentences,
Which would develop paragraphs
That would have meaning.
Those significant phrases-
Shunned and Lost,
Deep into the depths
Of your conscience.
I do realise that this
May seem like over-analyzation,
But I see a glimmer in your eye
That deserves to turn into

A little town called St Ives

This last week I have been a little quiet,    But I am currently away on a little break in a town called St Ives, which happens to be the MOST beautiful part of Cornwall. You have most likely Seen lots of selfies at the beach and no word of a lie, some of the best beaches in Britain are hidden away here. I have been staying in a lovely little part where I look out onto the beach cove. Beautiful sunny morning walks and still, clear waters! These last few days have consisted of coastal walks, quaint little antique shops and lots of good food and wine! A beautiful crisp, South African wine to be truthful at the hotel I am staying at – chy an Albany. Definitely worth a visit and especially their restaurant ‘the lighthouse bistro’. Amazing food and amazing views. I have been here 4 days and can’t knock any of it. It rained miserably yesterday, however it did not stop us wandering and exploring the local town. Here are a few pics of what’s on offer here! 

It’s my last afternoon here so I shall go back to my drink at a little pub on the beachfront. Happy Sunday everyone! 


Trendier cuts, more stylish trends and a whole lot of

Yes, I am off of work using up some left over holiday, but… Looking back at the pictures on my phone of what is to come for Ted Baker this spring summer is getting me all excited!  I have been lucky enough to see what is to come and trust me, even you will be wowed!

Lots of pastel colours (as expected), skater dresses, beautiful prints and lots of fashionable ripped denim pieces. Even a denim dress! (which is even more wow!) All a little bit more stylish for Ted, not to mention more of a trend setter. An array of bold, captivating floral prints paired with high waisted denim and exotic print trainers, this high summer is expected to be a stylish one!

Looking forward to what’s to come.

Rammed with people, no seats to spare and all I can smell is coffee.

So my time back home is up, I am sat on a chiltern railway train heading back to london. What a very quick few days at home that was. No more peace and quiet, horses being taken for walks inthe country lanes or fields of green that stretch for miles. Nope, back to the city it is.

I do love the city, but there is something about the countryside and quaint little villages that excite me. I have been getting back on the excercise routine again these last few days, and feel better for it already!  Yesterday I got myself wrapped up and braved the cold, just to take a jog in this little part of my village.

It might have been freezing, rain starting to spit and a little bit eery because I was the only person there, but it was invigorating and peaceful. A really nice little jog. But, back to reality and back to the fast paced, caffeine fuelled place that would be known as London.